How to Find Your Soulmate

Today there is an easier way to find your true love instead of swiping left or swiping right and then going through the painful process of dating through online apps or websites.

With Soulmate Swipe, you can find a match instantly.  Simply upload your picture, enter your birth date, and click our “Magic Match” feature to see a real picture of a Single Soulmate on our site that is destined to be yours based on your birth chart and our proprietary matching algorithm for complete compatibility.

Magic Match Feature:

Our Magic Match feature is a sophisticated algorithm that uses your birth chart and matches you to your true Soulmate based on your horoscope, astrology, and numerology to ensure you are fit with the best possible match for compatibility!

Local Match:

Nearest Soulmate is a special search page with an interactive map so you can see exactly where they are located. You can search by radius, and your own location will be the starting point. Exact location is not disclosed so it is perfectly safe.

Text and Video Chats:

Will you like what your Soulmate looks like? Send a wink or a virtual gift, add them to your List of favorites. Use Instant Messenger or a video chat to learn more about each other to see how compatible you really are!

Your Soulmate is waiting! There are thousands of singles currently on our platform, but only one is the right fit for you based on your birth chart. Find out now who your real soulmate is!

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