How to Save on Electricity with Solar Panels

You may qualify for the Federal Residential Renewable Tax Credit that will pay you to go solar and eliminate your electricity bill or get it down to very little!


If your zip code qualifies, there is a little known program homeowners are getting thousands of dollars back to get solar panels installed on their home.
Due to the high demand, homeowners need to have a valid phone number to verify their identity. Homeowners are eliminating their energy bills thanks to the Federal Residential Renewable Tax Credit – see if your area qualifies now.
Many homeowners are qualifying for solar panels on their home for $0 down and receiving money through government home improvement grants.
The government is trying to get everyone to go green and switch to solar because it’s cheaper and better for the long term economic strength and also helps the environment for our kids, grandkids, and more.

There is one big problem to going solar though, because it’s very costly to install a solar system. So very quietly, the government has targeted certain zip codes across the USA, and enacted a country wide program.


This allows homeowners like you to lease (not buy) solar panels, usually for $0 down, and the state will help you afford the system with generous tax credits and rebates. It’s a win-win for all homeowners who are serious about eliminating or cutting down their electric bill!

Step 1:  Click here to get started and calculate your savings.

Step 2:  Answer a few simple questions about your home on the next page.
Step 3:  Next, you will be provided with information about the best options you qualify for.  It’s quick and easy and “going solar” will have a big savings impact on your wallet every month!