How to Get Approved for a New Car with Bad Credit

Are you in need of a new vehicle but worried that your credit score could hinder your chances of getting approved for a loan on your new car?

We’ve researched many different auto loan providers and found that BlueSky’s auto finance platform is integrated with 400+ lenders and auto dealers that provide both direct-to-consumer car financing and bad credit options through local dealerships.

They specialize in helping people that may have experienced credit problems or had difficulties getting car financing in the past. Plus their service is fast, easy & FREE.

There is no better time than now to check out what car you might be approved for as they have financing for any type of credit. You can even get approved the same day for financing meaning that you’d be able to drive off the lot that day.

What makes Blue Sky Better than Others?

They work with their own network of auto dealers that have a dedicated department that specializes in providing auto financing for people with bad credit. Through our partnerships with auto dealers, they are able to offer alternate financing options for people that may have been turned away by traditional banks or finance companies.

Get Started Now and See What Vehicle You can Qualify For