How to e-File your Taxes for Free

It’s that time of year again where you will need to start thinking about filing your taxes from the year 2020. The deadline for filing taxes this year is April 15th. Now that could definitely change depending on how the pandemic is and what is going on closer to that deadline, but as of now you will need to file before or on that date to avoid any penalties.

If you are expecting a refund, then you wouldn’t want to wait that long anyway, so what you can do to get your payment as soon as possible is by e-filing. With E-File, you are able to start for free to file your federal tax return with their Basic Software. It typically only takes about 15 minutes to do so.

To use the E-file software you simply needs to create a free account (here), enter your taxpayer information and some income figures that you earned in 2020. Then you will take out any deductions they may have (like children), and the software will automatically calculate and prepare the return.

After you have completed preparing the return you will be provided the option of either filling electronically or printing and mailing.

The process can be done very quickly and you can get started here.