The Average American Saves $1,700 Using this App

Every little bit of savings helps especially in a year that many Americans want to forget and put behind us because of a layoff, illness, or other financial hardship. Americans can’t rely on just one stimulus check of only $1,200 that some didn’t even get to support themselves and their families.

Bills such as your mortgage / rent, car payment, groceries, etc. add up well over $1,200, so its important to try and save where you can. Fortunately, there is a new app that has been saving the average person $1,700 per year on items that they buy everyday like groceries, take out food, travel and more. Some users are saving up to $5,000 because they use it on a daily basis.

This little app is savings program that loads coupons directly on your phone and you apply them at checkout by showing the cashier the digital coupon for your discount. Use it at the grocery store, your local dinner spot, or wherever the coupons work. There are over 300,000 establishments that are available for discounts up to 50% off nationwide. So whether you live in a large city like Orlando, Florida, or a small town like Hungry Horse Montana, you will be able to browse and search your discounts that are available in your area.

Take advantage of this app here and see how much you can save today!