How to Make Legit Money From Home Doing Surveys

Many people work online as freelancers to earn a full-time income. Others work part-time to earn some extra money. The current coronavirus a.k.a covid-19 pandemic has caused a disastrous situation across the world. 

Millions of people are on the brink to lose their jobs. In this regard, those who are working from home are already in an advantageous position. 

However, those who have lost jobs can make money online working from home offering different services such as logo designing, blog post writing, creating whiteboard animation videos, computer programming, to name a few. 

The list is long – nonetheless, if you have not worked online from home previously, it would be difficult to set up your profile on different freelance platforms. It is because the competition is high and you need a solid portfolio to earn good money. 

On the other hand, one easy way to make legit money from home is by doing surveys online. Not only does this kind of job takes less time but also you can make some good money – especially in miserable times we face today – i.e. the covid-19 pandemic. 

In today’s article, we are going to tell you how to make legit money from home doing surveys. Read on!

How do online surveys work?

Many people wonder whether or not doing online survives is legit. Well, there are thousands of survey sites on the internet but many of them are scammers and do not pay you. So, you always have to look for legitimate sites. 

When it comes to online surveys, first, you need to register with a legit survey provider. To earn money, you must register with multiple sites. Most survey sites ask for personal and professional information before you go in. The purpose is to assign you survey tasks according to your demographics or the ones you can do easily. 

After registering and completing your profile, most sites will send you emails to notify you about the work. In general, you have to simply answer some questions. However, some sites offer you to test their product or service and then answer a few questions about it. This is known as the product review type survey. Such sites usually pay more. 

Besides, after completing a few surveys successfully, the company will pay you. Some companies pay fast and through PayPal. Other sites pay weekly or monthly. Some sites don’t pay money but offer free products, bonuses, and rewards. 

Legit Survey Sites for making Money 

The internet has made our lives easy in many ways. For example, working from home is beneficial for many people. However, there are millions of scammers on the internet who will do fraud and leave you in a miserable situation. So, here are some legit survey sites. Continue reading! 

Swagbucks: It is one of the most popular legit survey sites, which allows you to make money by filling survey forms. In return, Swagbucks pay you money, rewards, Amazon gift cards, and discount coupons. 

Shoppers Voice: This site combines not only just earning rewards, but you can get free samples, coupons, and a chance to win 1 of 3 $500 prizes each month. They have been around for many years and a legitimate company that has always given rewards. However, if you like more perks than just rewards, this could be for you.

Toluna: It is another legitimate online survey site that even allows users to choose the type of surveys they want to do. For instance, if you know digital marketing, they will ask you to fill forms or answer questions related to digital marketing tools or products. Toluna will reward you points on each survey you complete successfully. They pay $1 for 3,000 points earned. 

Survey Junkie: It is an easy-to-use survey site. The point system of this site is pretty simple. For instance, one point is equal to one cent. You can only withdraw money when your points reached 1,000. So, the more surveys you do, the more money you earn. Remember, points on survey junkie have an expiry date. 

There are many other legit sites such as Vindale, LifePoints, and Easy Survey Jobs, that also pays good money. Good Luck!