How to Get a Check Back from Your Auto Insurance

The US Government is not the only one giving back to Americans with Stimulus Checks. Auto insurance companies are giving back millions of dollars to Americans because the CoronaVirus has kept drivers off the road.

Which Auto Insurance Companies are Giving Back?

Auto insurance companies including Allstate, Geico, SafeCo and Liberty Mutual have confirmed that if you are current on your policy, they will be giving back millions of dollars back since Americans are driving less during the coronavirus pandemic.

How Much Are They Giving?

Each one varies, but SafeCo and Liberty Mutual are giving back customers 15% refunds on two months of their premiums. This will total in payments of about $250 Million. Liberty Mutual company will also pause cancellations for not paying, and late fees.

What if Your Auto Insurance Company Isn’t Listed?

Almost every large company in America is giving back trying to help their customers based on an individual basis. You may have to contact your auto insurance company direct to see if they will offer any type of savings or cash back payment.

If they don’t, you could threaten them to leave by going to another auto insurance company. They will most likely give you back something in order to keep you as a customer.

Other Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

Some Americans are also saving up to $540 on their auto insurance because they are driving less or switching companies. You can learn how here.