Rent to Own Home Listings and How They Work

Why keep paying rent with nothing to show for it.  With Rent to Own homes, you can now put that rent money towards buying the home.  So now you aren’t just basically throwing your monthly rent payment down the drain!  Owning a home for many people is challenging mostly because of the large down payment that is required for a mortgage.

The problem is there are far more homes available to purchase rather than Rent to Own.  Sure you can find a lot of sites that show homes for rent, but the majority of them are just that.  They are only available to rent and won’t give you the option to leaseback or buy the home using those payments towards the purchase.

With our Rent to Own listings you can easily browse and find a house for rent in your area! Next, the renter (buyer) and landlord (seller) come to an agreement about how much the renter will pay each month to live in the house, and at the end of a set period – which usually can be as little as 1 year or even 3 years, you the renter has the option to buy the home at a pre-agreed upon price.

Rent to own houses are also perfect for people with credit issues and not wanting to put or can’t afford a large down payment. While living in the house the renter can work with a credit repair company to help them be able to get the best rates possible to purchase the house at the end of the lease contract.

Also with rent to own homes, a preset amount of the monthly rent is put aside as a “rent to own option credit”.  So by the time the agreed to term is up the renter can use this money for the down payment of the house and own it!

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You are taking the first step in saving a lot of money for yourself in the future by Renting to Own!

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