How to Never Pay for Another Car Repair

It never fails your car breaks down at the worst times or you are already in need of repairs.  You can now take the worry out of covered mechanical breakdowns and get back up and running quickly without ever having to pay for another repair.  With the new Auto Service Protection Program, vehicle owners are getting their car repaired virtually at any mechanic shop of their choosing.

If your original auto warranty expired, you now have to pay for any mechanical break downs or fixes needed to your car all out of pocket.  But thanks to the Auto Service Protection Program all your repairs are covered under the protection plan.  Some other benefits of the plan include Towing, Rental Car, and Roadside Assistance benefits.

So What Does this Program Cover?

With the most popular plan you can get these items covered:

Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case, Drive Axles, 4X4/AWD Components, A/C, Heating, Suspension, Steering, Water Pump, Cooling, Fuel System, Braking System (except pads), Electrical (including Alternator, Starter, Ignition Switch, Power Windows & Locks, Actuators and Regulators), Seals & Gasket Leaks on Covered Parts, Navigation System and Luxury Components.

The engine and transmission can typically cost you about $4,000 and if you add up all the other repairs that the life of your car will encounter you could be saving a ton of money with the Auto Service Protection Program.  You can see that all major items on your vehicle are covered 100%.

To get started, you can see if your vehicle qualifies here.




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