How to get a $15 Credit on Your Utility Bill & Use Clean Energy

How you can use clean energy at no extra cost, plus get you a $15 utility bill credit

Support renewable energy projects at no extra cost, reducing your impact on the environment every month.  When you connect to clean energy you simply link your existing utility bill for a $15 utility bill credit.

With your energy each month you automatically save because when there is a lower rate is available in your area, the Clean Energy Program automatically gets it for you with the “Smart Rate” program.  There are actually no commitments or binding contracts that you will have to enter into.

You can also start paying your utility bill with a credit card and earn points from your card with no extra fees from the utility company.  Did you know that 95% of utilities charge transaction fees when using a credit or debit card. Pay $0 in fees and earn your rewards points when you sign up with the Clean Energy Program

How it works is that the Clean Energy Program has exclusive agreements with solar developers, purchasing power in the wind energy and retail energy markets, and partnerships with smart home companies.  This allows them to connect you to clean energy and automatic energy savings without any hassle.

Don’t delay, get your $15 credit below.

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