How to File a Windows or Roofing Insurance Claim

Your roof and your windows are the main things of your home that protect you from the wrath of the elements. However, when they face severe weather, they may become damaged beyond repair – and covering those costs by yourself might prove to be a great challenge. In that case, you might want to file an insurance claim that will allow you to fix the damage to your house – all while ensuring you do not blow a great hole through your budget. Here is what you might want to do:

1. Document the Damage

Before you contact your insurance agent, you might want to make an assessment of the damage first. Take as many pictures as you can, both from the interior and the exterior of your home – from every angle that might show your point. Once you have done that and taken the necessary notes, you might want to safe-proof your home so that no further damage occurs. Cover the cracks that you can, and board up the broken windows.

2. Know the Type of Insurance Needed

There are various types of insurance given, including personal property insurance, liability insurance, and additional living expenses insurance. However, what you need to keep an eye out for is dwelling insurance, as this is the one protecting the structure of your house – including the roof, windows, and so on. If you already have that settled, call the insurance company, which will determine whether you are covered or not.

3. File the Paperwork

Generally, the insurance company will be the one to provide all the paperwork that you need. This paperwork submission is exactly what starts the claiming process.

4. Save the Receipts

Save all of the receipts that are related to your “emergency repairs” – the ones that you had to undergo to prevent any further damage. You might want to refrain from having a professional repair your roof and windows before the insurance company gives approval for the claim. If your house is inhabitable, you might have your stay in a hotel reimbursed.

5. Expect a Visit from the Insurance Company

More often than not, an insurance company may send out an insurance adjuster to assess the damage that has occurred to your roof. Your proof matters, but they will also have to document things – from the cause to the current damage level. This way, they can analyze the damage and the costs needed to repair everything.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your reason for replacing your roof and windows, you should not start repairing before the insurance company gives you the go. This way, you will know that you will receive the necessary coverage.

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