Up to $39,669 Available for this Home Repair Grant: (TRA)

The Temporary Residence Adaptation grant (TRA) is designed to provide funding for veterans in temporary living arrangements who need to make their accommodations better suited to their mobility needs.

•Who Is Eligible?

As with the VA grants, the TRA grant is only available to qualifying service members. However, the qualifications differ from the previous grants we discussed. In this situation, the following requirements are in place:

•The home must be owned by a family member of the veteran (not by the veteran).

•You must meet the eligibility requirements for either the SHA grant in terms of service-related disability.

•Are There Limitations on Fund Usage?

Yes, you are only allowed to use the funds to adapt a family member’s home to the needs of the qualifying service member. The funds cannot be put towards the purchase of a home, or the adaptation of a home already owned by the veteran. Note that this grant is designed to work in conjunction with either the SHA or SAH grant rather than being a standalone program.

•How Much Is Available in Grants?

The maximum available through the TRA grant depends on the primary grant you seek. The limit is $39,669 if you are applying for the SAH grant. For the SHA grant, the limit is $7,083.

•What Are the Limitations and Terms?

There are few limitations here. The grant will not be deducted from the total amount available to the qualifying service member, but it does count as one of the three grant usages the veteran is allowed in his or her lifetime.

•How Do You Apply for This Grant?

To apply for this grant, you can visit your local VA office, call1-800-827-1000 to have a form mailed to you, or you can download VA Form 26-4555, complete it, and mail it to your regional loan center

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