How to Get a Free Car Using These Programs

Currently there are no government grants available for free cars. There are several grants that will pay for your auto repairs, but if you are in need of new car, you can look to the following programs that may assist you. However, there are several programs that can assist you in getting a car for free.

In some instances, it may make more financial sense to simply get rid of your old car and get a new one. Or, you may be without a car entirely. In these instances, there are several charities that offer free cars for individuals and families who meet their income requirements. Note that each organization has its own requirements and they can vary drastically. These include the following:

1-800-Charity Cars

This is a national charity organization that provides free vehicles to a wide array of qualified low income clients and families that qualify.

Who is Eligible?

Families transitioning from public assistance to a new job or training, Victims of domestic violence, the medically needy, Individuals living in transitional housing units or shelter. There may also be charity cars for veterans, the working poor, and military members or their families.

Working Cars for Working People

Who is Eligible?

Just as the name sounds if you are a working person and in need of a car for transportation to and from your workplace, you might qualify. There are other qualifications you may need to meet, but the biggest one is that you need an automobile to get yourself to the workplace.

Operation Homefront

Who Is Eligible?

This one is for the military or their families and they can qualify for a free car using this program.

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