Grants for Auto Repairs – Modest Needs Foundation

For most of us, driving is a necessity. Unless you live in an urban area where public transportation is widely available, you need your own car to get to work, take the kids to school, get to the grocery store, and handle other responsibilities.

Part of vehicle ownership is maintenance and repair when things go wrong, but for those with tight budgets, it can be next to impossible to make repairs. There are ways that you can get the repairs you need even if you cannot afford to pay for them out of pocket.

The Modest Needs Foundation

This foundation is a nationwide nonprofit organization that offers help for those with limited incomes who need help paying for car repairs.

•What Does It Do?

The Modest Needs Foundation is a charity that operates across the United States. Amongst other charitable actions, the organization can offer up to $1,000 in grants for auto repair for those who qualify.

•Who Is Eligible?

Modest Needs supports those who are currently working and have an income that makes them ineligible for many forms of funding, but who still need a helping hand. The organization’s primary focus is low-income workers who meet the organization’s income requirements.

•Are There Limitations on Fund Usage?

Yes, funds are limited to specific purposes as dictated by the organization’s policies and the law. Note that the organization can only offer grants in situations where the money does not go directly to you –it must be paid to a business or another organization. In the instance of auto repair, the grant money would be sent directly to the repair center.

How Much Is Available in Grants?
Grants are available in a range of sizes, but the organization offers up to $1,000 for auto repair. However, you may be eligible for more depending on your needs and situation.
•What Are the Limitations and Terms?
There are no strings attached to these grants and they never need to be repaid. They are never made in the form of a loan and there are no time-requirements necessary in order to avoid repayment.
•How Do You Apply for This Grant?
The only way to apply for this funding is directly through Modest Needs. The process takes between 30 and 45 minutes and can be done online.

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