A Guide to Get Your Share of $50 Billion in Government Grants

You can now get grants to help pay for things like a new phone, home repairs, and much more!  While the economy might be strong, it’s still a rough period for American workers. Wages continue to stagnate. The cost of living is rising, but your earnings are not. It becomes more and more challenging to just make ends meet. Throw in an emergency, like necessary home repairs, and things become even more challenging.

For too many people, that means turning to loans or using credit cards and struggling with high interest rates. Sadly, while loans and credit cards can give you a brief infusion of cash, those funds must be repaid –with interest! Using these resources means that you’re just digging your financial hole deeper.

There’s good news, though. The US government regularly makes billions of dollars available to citizens. These grants are free –there’s no need to repay the money –and they’re available in a wide range of formats and for many different purposes. You’ll discover grants for home improvement, to help you through periods of unemployment, to pay for car repair, to help if you’re behind on your mortgage payments, and in numerous other situations.

The challenging part is simply finding the information about each grant program and understanding how to apply. Most of these programs are hidden within the Grants.gov website, or within other similar databases. Finding that information and then putting it to use can be impossible for the average consumer.

This book is designed to help. We’ve researched the grant programs on offer in order to help you find the funding that you need. It’s possible to get your life back on track without sinking deeper into debt, and we’ll walk you through what you need to know within this book.

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