Does a Bad Credit Score Eliminate You from Grants?

Millions of Americans suffer with bad credit because of high credit card balances, past student loans, or many other debt they may have.

However the good news is that people with bad credit are not affected in receiving a government grant or other type of financial aid. Since the person receiving the grant or financial aid is free money and doesn’t need to be paid back, there is no need for a credit check.

Bad Credit Usually Wins with Grants

If there was one good reason to have bad credit, the US government usually favors individuals with bad credit because those are the individuals with the most need for financial aid. It’s important to note though that if you do have bad credit, you should make sure that you are trying to improve it or there can be a whole other set of hardships coming your way.

Does Bad Credit Affect Student Financial Aid?

Having a bad credit score does not affect receiving financial aid either for school grants or scholarships.

The US government and many colleges / universities will determine the amount of financial need based on an equation. Your expected family contribution determines your eligibility for grants plus scholarships, which will lower your overall cost for education.

  1. The projected cost of attendance
  2. Minus your expected family contribution
  3. Equals your financial need

So if you are seeking a grant, your credit score will have no effect on being eligible or qualifying to receive the grant and most likely could help you because it may show that you are in need of financial assistance and aid.

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Again, a credit score should not affect your ability to get a government grant, however it does have other financial impacts such as getting a loan for a home or car.

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