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A home improvement grant, is known as a home repair grant. This is a type of financial aid backed and issued by the government. It’s designed to help homeowners make select improvements to their properties ranging from anything to a new roof to improving their landscaping.

As long as you and the project meets certain requirements, a home improvement grant does not need to be repaid and is like free money.

Here are some of the most popular grants you can qualify for:

  1. HOME Investment Partnerships Program:

Qualified homeowners can use HOME funds to provide home purchase or rehabilitation financing assistance to eligible homeowners and new homebuyers; build or improve their housing for rent or ownership.

Plus you can get “other reasonable and necessary expenses related to the development of non-luxury housing,” including home improvements, demolition of dilapidated housing to make way for HOME-assisted development.

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2. USDA Rural Development 504 Grant

The 504 Program provides grants, which can be worth a maximum of $7,500 but only issued to eligible seniors aged 62 and older. This may only be used for the removal of health and safety hazards however.

The 504 program does offer a loan option. A 504 loan can reach a maximum of $20,000 at a fixed interest rate of 1%

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3. Community Development Block Grant Entitlement Program

This program provides annual grants on a formula basis to select cities around the country. It provides funding for expanding economic opportunities and available for low to moderate income persons.

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4. VA Grants

VA provides grants to Service members and Veterans with certain permanent or total service connected disabilities to purchase, construct, or modify an existing home to accommodate a disability.

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5. Native American Housing Improvement Program

This program was created to eliminate substantially substandard Indian owned and inhabited housing for low income eligible Indians living in approved tribal service areas.

The Native American Housing Improvement Program is a home repair, renovation, replacement and new housing grant program administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and federally-recognized Indian tribes.

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